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We are experienced in working with special needs trusts and guardianships. We understand the financial and legal guidelines, commitments, and responsibilities of working with these professionals and the need for ongoing communication and updates.
  • Provide initial assessment to determine chronic and/or acute health and life care needs
  • Develop a customized holistic care plan of care for implementation
  • Provide referrals to medical specialists
  • Assist the client in implementation of the care plan
  • Educate the client, family, and other care team members on disease processes maintenance and prevention
  • Provide clear options for critical life care decision making
  • Manage and coordinate the healthcare needs
  • Manage and coordinate home maintenance needs
  • Review and mange medications
  • Facilitate communication between clients, families, and healthcare providers
  • Provide timely and regular updates to our client’s team of providers, family members, guardians, POA’s, and other team members
  • Act as an advocate for the care recipient promoting quality of life
  • Participate in face to face collaboration of care with client, physician, and other team members
  • Act as a liaison between physicians and other healthcare providers
  • Coordinate services between primary care physician, specialists and other team members
  • Visiting the client on a regular basis to monitor progress and changes in condition
  • Monitor and evaluate changing circumstances to recommend any modifications
  • Arrange for non-medical services (companion, housekeeper, driver, attorneys, estate planning, accountants, etc.)
  • Assist with insurance and benefit coordination
  • Coordinate maintenance of medical equipment
  • Counsel clients and families about end-of-life issues
  • When appropriate, help locate suitable living arrangements such as assisted living, memory care, or nursing care
  • Make quality referrals to attorneys and other professionals to assist with financial and business affairs
  • Provide recommendations for care, the available options, and associated costs
  • Provide referrals to caregivers, assist in interviewing, selection, and the hiring process
  • Manage, educate, train, and delegate private caregivers and house staff
  • Provide client and team with concierge services, on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Mission & Values

We are an association of nurses, social workers, and other medical and holistic practitioners who have come together with the joint purpose of empowering our clients, their families and care teams to make informed and positive choices in their health care and personal lives.


We sustain dignity in the clients we serve. We seek to truly understand and educate ourselves on the religious, social, cultural and economic beliefs and structures of each client. With this understanding, we act as diplomats in assisting our client’s care team understand and support the individual in their choices in a holistic manner.


Our mission statement is our intention and promise. Through upholding this promise, and following the ethical principles of our disciplines and the Aging Life Care Association earnestly, we believe we can assist with positive change in our client’s life.


In honoring ourselves and each client we serve, we pride ourselves in speaking truthfully, clearly, timely, and professionally.


Success depends on preparation. We provide a thorough assessment of our client’s comprehensive needs. We work with our client and their team to develop a long-term plan to fit their values and needs. We manage the implementation of the plan to ensure it is applied in a way that reflects the client’s wishes and those involved are educated and informed.  We continually monitor the plan’s effectiveness and evaluate for changes needed to continue effectiveness of the plan.


We have a duty to the betterment of our community and the clients we serve. We donate our time and services throughout the year to assist various non-profit organizations. We also donate 5% of our profits to the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington (BIAWA).


We are dedicated to discovering a trans-formative path for each client. We believe that through collaboration, education and listening to our client’s needs, we will persevere and find positive healing actions that fosters wholeness for our clients and their team.


Our practice is rooter in the ethical foundations of our disciplines. We understand and value our responsibility as conscientious stewards in managing our client’s needs holistically.


Improving the lives we serve is the focal point for Matheny and Associates. We are client-focused and value our client’s trust in the care and advocacy we provide.

About Us

Our commitment to balance in our client’s lives as well as our own. We keep our caseloads manageable so that our time is focused on the details of quality of life and a truly holistic approach. Our turn over is low because we are committed to holistic care for our employees as well.


Beth Eagen MSW
Care Manager, Eagen & Associates

Dr. Mary Moran PhD, MSW, LICSW
Personal Health Partner

Dr. Rosalie Nguyen, PharmD
Puget Sound Pharmacy / Everybody’s Healthcare Clinic

Amby Matheny

I am a registered nurse, board certified case manager. I have over thirteen years experience working as a private aging life care manager and advocate for the chronically ill, mentally and physically disabled population. I have also worked in the hospital system as a care manager which has provided me with the experience needed to navigate the complexities of our health care system, reduce hospital admissions and work within the Medicare and Medicaid systems.

Prior to care management, I worked with Point Defiance AIDS Projects for over five years to assist the at-risk and homeless population in Pierce County, providing healthcare education, community referrals, street wound care and drug treatment needs. I also have experience in clinical settings, working closely with nurse practitioners specializing in family care and chronic needs.

I specialize in aging life care. My experiences working as a care manager have provided me with the opportunity to work with incredibly brilliant clients who have been affected by debilitating trauma or diseases of the brain. This has prompted me to want a better understanding of the mind, its function, and affecting behavior, to better assist my clients in improving their function and quality of life. I am currently working toward an additional degree in psychology.

I believe in a holistic family/team approach to life care, where our client care is met through collaboration of multidisciplinary teams to address the whole person physically, psychologically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. I enjoy educating and collaboratively problem solving with my clients, their families, and their other team members.  I believe that life care should always be customized to meet the needs and life style of the individual and I am a strong advocate to ensure my clients’ needs are heard and addressed.

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